Discover the Best of Peru with Hilton: A Traveler’s Guide [Including Insider Tips and Must-See Attractions]

Discover the Best of Peru with Hilton: A Traveler’s Guide [Including Insider Tips and Must-See Attractions]

What is Hilton Peru?

Hilton Peru is a hotel chain located in different cities of Peru, providing guests with luxurious accommodation options and world-class amenities.

  • Hilton Lima Miraflores is one of the branches, situated in the heart of Lima’s vibrant district offering panoramic views overlooking the city.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Cusco is also part of the hotels, where visitors can enjoy staying near historic attractions such as Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.
  • Their commitment to sustainability makes them an eco-friendly option for travelers seeking comfort while reducing their carbon footprint.

How to Make the Most out of Your Stay in Hilton Peru

Peru is a traveling wonderland, with so many incredible sights and experiences to offer. And if you’re in the market for a luxurious stay that’s full of style, glamour, and world-class amenities, then the Hilton Peru should be your go-to destination.

The hotel boasts beautiful rooms, top-notch facilities, amazing food options- all combined with superb customer service. Staying at Hilton Peru can be an experience like no other; but how do you ensure that you make the most out of it? Here are our tips on how to fully enjoy every bit of your exotic stay:

Choose Your Room Carefully

Start by choosing a room that suits your individual preferences. Are you into modern decor or perhaps something classic? With several room categories available ranging from king-sized rooms to executive suites, there is sure to be something perfect for every type of guest.

If you want more space and privacy than what’s offered in standard hospitality accommodation – opt for one with a private balcony giving access to panoramic views over the city skyline or nearby beaches for those seeking tranquility rather than vibrant street life.

Leverage Hotel Amenities

Do not underestimate the power of making use of hotel amenities while staying at Hilton Peru. The property offers many outstanding services such as spa treatments which include Swedish massages & facials – perfect after long days exploring Machu Picchu ruins or hiking picturesque mountain trails outside Cusco!

Additionally, relax in their outdoor pool taking advantage when temperatures soar during hot summer months . Their state-of-the-art fitness center also provides excellent gym equipment—enabling guests who love maintaining routines or burning off stress calories from indulging too much at breakfast buffets!

Finally don’t forget about seeking assistance from their concierge team if need help planning trips around town recommend best places visit this wonderful place offers before heading back home’.

Dine At The Onsite Restaurants

Hilton Peru has some phenomenal onsite dining spots including La Vista Restaurant offering authentic Peruvian cuisine with ingredients sourced locally to ensure freshness & quality. Enjoy breakfast buffets featuring an array of international delicacies, choose from a la carte lunch options, or book a table for dinner and be mesmerized by the sophisticated ambiance designed around Peru’s rich culture!

Alternatively, try out Piscoatelier Bar where you can enjoy delicious cocktails made only from fresh fruits or maybe unwind at their Lobby Lounge which serves artisanal coffee in addition to afternoon high tea.

Venture Out Of The Hotel

Peru is filled with stunning sights outside Hilton property boundaries such as the famous Machu Picchu ruins — it would be criminal not to take advantage of them! Or venture off into Cusco city center exploring world-class museums and chic boutique shops popular among tourists.

Additionally make sure to visit local markets where artisans sell handmade crafts because souvenir shopping here beats buying impersonal mass-produced products found elsewhere on earth.

In conclusion whether you’re interested in experiencing relaxation amidst luxury surroundings, discovering new cultures through sightseeing excursions, indulging exquisite meals prepared according to time-honored traditional recipes or simply looking for urban adventures- your stay at Hilton Peru promises to be unforgettable experience that puts some sparkle back into life during these unprecedented times.

Discovering Hilton Peru Step by Step: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

As a frequent traveler, I’ve always been fascinated by the rich cultural tapestry of Peru. From its vibrant cities to breathtaking landscapes and ancient historical sites, there is something truly special about this enchanting country that has drawn wanderlusts from all over the world.

And when it comes to finding accommodation in Peru, Hilton hotels are undoubtedly some of the best options available. With their top-notch amenities and exceptional service, they offer visitors an unparalleled experience that’s hard to match anywhere else.

So if you’re planning a trip to Peru soon and are considering staying at one of the Hilton properties but don’t quite know where to start or what to expect – fret not! In this comprehensive travel guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about discovering Hilton PerĂş step by step.

Getting There

Depending on which part of Peru you plan on visiting first, your journey may begin at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima. As such, getting transportation arranged from the airport should be foremost on your mind especially if traveling with family.

Accommodation Options

Hilton offers various types of accommodation for different types of travelers: whether it’s couples looking for romantic getaways or families seeking fun-filled adventures together. Among their most popular choices include Hampton Inn & Suites and DoubleTree By Hilton Hotels which have locations throughout several cities within the region.

Food Scene

Peru boasts incredible cuisine like no other place in Latin America- renowned for its seafood-based dishes yet also features authentic culinary experiences accompanied by traditional Andean ingredients in typical ‘picanterias’. For instance Pisco Sour specialized bars extend packages where guests can dance “Marinera” while savoring ceviche instead listening live music performed by “Huayno” singers epitomes regional harmony.

Exploring The Cities

While relatively small compared with many global destinations holidays tend culminate great memories starting downtown Lima well-known city center Plaza de Armas to sample Andean cuisine –and probably the best coffee- a must for early risers is savoring Tacna’s typical “pan con chicharrĂłn”. A stroll through Lima’s historic district or Barranco on promenade begins with an artistic scene of bright bohemian culture.

Next stop would be Cusco, known as the gateway to Machu Picchu. Hilton’s DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels in this region boasts exquisite views of the city and mountains that are like no other – definitely making it one of my favorite places for experiencing Peruvian hospitality at its finest!

Exploring The Sacred Valley

One exciting excursion which will breathe life into your trip Peru would be visiting the enchanting ancient ruins. This celebrated sacred valley tour sets out booking shuttle services starting from either Poroy Train Station or Urubamba bus depending the duration, soak up stunning landscapes whilst immersing yourself in indigenous communities where traditional weaving techniques can admired just like during Inca Empire.

Taking Time To Unwind

After a long day touring all great sites parts nearby destinations choosing one main attraction should leave some space scheduled relaxation also crucial part entails staying active any spa facilities offered helpful lead overcoming stress.

In conclusion, discovering Hilton Peru step by step redefines traveling experience far beyond typical trips promising you authentic memories here wanderlust awaken ended blissfully anticipating your next trip thereof!

Your Ultimate Hilton Peru FAQ List: Answers to All Your Questions

If you’re planning a trip to Peru and have decided that Hilton is your hotel of choice, then congrats, you’ve made an excellent decision! However, with various accommodation options available, it’s understandable if you still have some questions about what to expect from the chain’s properties in this South American country. Fear not, for we have compiled a comprehensive FAQ list to help answer all your queries.

1. How Many Hilton Hotels are There in Peru?

As of 2021, there are four locations: two in Lima (The DoubleTree El Pardo and The Hilton Miraflores) and one each in Cusco (Hilton Garden Inn Cusco), and Arequipa (DoubleTree by Hilton).

2. What Is Check-in Time at Hilton Properties?

Check-in time will vary depending on which property you booked. However, typically check-ins start around 3 pm local time; however early check-ins may be possible upon availability.

3.What Perks Can I Expect When Staying at A Hilton Hotel as a Guest?

A lot actually- For instance free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel premises including rooms , use of fitness centre & pools nearby where applicable

4.How Do I Make Reservations for Dining or Excursions through The Hilton Hotels?

Each hotel has its own on-site restaurant(s) /bar(s)/concierge desk . Reach out to their reservation department via email/phone or upon arrival they can provide more information regarding recommendations.

5.Can Tour Agents/Guides Pick Me Up From My Hotel Room Directly?

Yes tour agents/guides can arrange pick-up times directly from the main lobby areas or entrance drives based on convenience .

6.Are Shuttle Services Available To Movie Around Within Cities By Complementary Service?

Shuttle services maybe provided during peak travel periods & offered by certain hotels only within specific distance limits

7.Do Any Rooms Include Terraces Or Balconies With Views?

Yes, many of the suites offer balcony or terrace access with stunning views of cities and landscapes nearby. This additional feature can add an excellent ambiance to your overall experience.

8.What Are The Must-Visit Places In Peru Nearby To Hilton Hotels?

Cusco is home to a wealth of cultural sites such as Machu Picchu and Maras Salt Mines; Lima has amazing historical spots like Santo Domingo Church ruins and National Museum; Arequipa offers traditional architecture walk + highlights culinary specialties (Jamon & chicha de jora); Pisco for its famous local beverage

9.Can I Pay Via Credit Cards Or Cash At Hilton Locations?

Most hotels do accept credit/debit cards/cheque payments at their premises but cash may be difficult depending on currency in use please check before travelling .

10. Is Laundry Service Provided Free Of Cost Alongside Room Booking Discounts By Hotel Management?

Laundry service is provided at an additional fee only; however sometimes special package deals include discounts so make sure you read what’s included while booking .

We hope that our list proves helpful in preparing for your visit to Peru and choosing the right Hilton property that suits all your travel needs appropriately – Bon Voyage!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Hilton Peru

Hilton Peru is one of the most sought-after luxury hotels in South America. Situated in the heart of Lima, this iconic hotel offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and world-class hospitality that guarantees an unforgettable experience for any traveler.

If you’re planning to visit Hilton Peru soon, here are the top 5 facts you need to know before booking your stay:

1. Location Location Location!

One of the biggest advantages of staying at Hilton Peru is its prime location. The hotel’s strategic position provides easy access to some of the city’s must-visit sites such as Larcomar shopping center, Kennedy Park, Huaca Pucllana archaeological site and many more.

2. Unique Architectural Design

Hilton Peru boasts unique architectural design with bright stuccoed walls and bold geometrical windows which stands tall above its surroundings making it unmissable! If upscale contemporary décor and architecture excite you then look no further than Hilton Lima!

3. Luxury Amenities

This five-star property has everything a sophisticated traveller wants – infinity pool overlooking stunning views over Miraflores’ cliffs by sunset, sauna room service or spacious suites offering ocean views—luxury awaits every single guest who visits.

4. Foodgasm Paradise

Peruvian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the defining highlights when visiting this gorgeous country and there’s no better place to explore authentic Peruvian flavors than from within the confines on-site restaurant at La Vista Restaurant & Bar led by Executive Chef Omar Malpartida serving nearby sourced food across four dining areas including rooftop bar Orquídea lounge where guests can sample classic cocktails while soaking up incredible vistas over Miraflores from dusk until late night hours .

5.Civilization meets Harmony

While situated in bustling Lima city but despite all that hustle-bustle outside; visitors won’t feel out-of-place since they step inside peacefully designed decor bringing together indigenous touches inspired by mystical Incas’ & his Quechuian ancestors’ who were a system of diverse tribes in South America before colonization entered the continent which ultimately began introducing European heritage to locals, that is what makes Hilton Peru feel like home away from Home!

In conclusion, if you’re planning your next Latin American excursion there’s no better option than staying at Hilton Peru — with its strategic location, luxury amenities and vibrant local culture combined to make it an exceptional choice for discerning travelers looking for unforgettable experiences.

The Magic of Hilton Lima Miraflores – The Perfect Base for Your Peruvian Adventure

If you’re planning a trip to Peru, then Lima should definitely be on your list of must-see destinations. From its colonial architecture and rich history to its gastronomic delights and lively nightlife, Lima has something for everyone. And when it comes to choosing the perfect base from which to explore this vibrant city, look no further than the Hilton Lima Miraflores.

Nestled in the heart of one of Lima’s most fashionable districts, Hilton Lima Miraflores offers everything a modern traveller could want. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, this hotel is sure to exceed your expectations.

First off, let’s talk about location. Situated just minutes away from the beach and not far from many historical sights such as Huaca Pucllana (a pre-Incan pyramid), Park Kennedy and Larcomar Shopping Center; Hilton Lima Miraflores is perfectly placed for exploring all that this bustling metropolis has to offer.

The rooms at this hotel are spacious and luxurious. Each room features stylish decor with a blend of contemporary furnishings combined with traditional Peruvian-inspired elements giving them an elegant feel while maintaining comfortability . The en-suite bathrooms come complete with rain showers and premium toiletries adding luxury touchs that make you feel pampered during your stay.The beds are comfortable ensuring guests have good nights rest after adventurous days exploring adventures in Peru

If food is high up on your agenda (as it definitely should be when visiting Peru) – then you’ve certainly chosen wisely by booking into the Hilton Limamiraflores! In fact , once here don’t miss out trying buzzy rooftop bar You’ll find culinary options ranging from fresh ceviche dishes comprising various seafood alongside flavoursome marinades with native fruits like passion fruit accents throughout their menus–tasty fusion cuisine can also be experienced at La Vista Restaurant where seasonal produce meets international techniques resulting spectacular-presentation plates.For those who enjoy light bites try grabbing something sweet at Vista Cafe, where all sorts of tempting cakes and pastries with coffee drinks are served up daily.

But the Hilton Lima Miraflores’ true magic lies in its staff. From check-in to check-out, their friendly and attentive team goes out of their way to ensure that guests experience nothing less than perfection during their stay . Always ready for recommendations on places to dine, shop or drink around town directly geared towards your personality , interests;they make sure you have a memorable time whilst exploring Peru’s capital city .

If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of Lima’s busy streets then take advantage of the hotel’s outdoor infinity pool or exercise gym which both offer ample space makes unwinding after long days sightseeing easy. And when it comes time unwind further indulge with relaxing messages & spa treatments arranged by knowledgeable concierge service available throughout day .

In conclusion
The Hilton Lima Miraflores undoubtedly offers everything any traveler would want and more. It is perfectly situated within walking distance from must-visit sights along with top-notch accommodation blending contemporary luxury while maintaining Peruvian inspiration throughout its decor! The array of culinary experiences will leave every guest fully satisfied – regardless whether they’re foodies or not—and superbly equipped workout spaces plus rejuvenating spa treatments allow travellers able strike balance between cultural exploration relaxation dailiy ensuring everyone feel pampered-perfect secure base this metropolitan gem while experiencing Peru’s bustling metropolis at its finest!

Unraveling the Mysteries of Hilton Cusco – A True Gem in the Heart of Machu Picchu

Hilton Cusco is an architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Machu Picchu. This luxurious hotel has earned its reputation as a true gem – and for good reason.

From the moment you enter, you’re greeted with warm hospitality that’s accompanied by exceptional service from the knowledgeable staff. And what’s more? The striking design takes your breath away!

But let’s be real here: it’s easy to get lost in fascination with Hilton Cusco without really understanding what makes this structure so special- which is why we’ve decided to help unravel some mysteries behind this iconic hotel!


First opened its doors back in 2012, Hilton Cusco stands tall atop Incan ruins showcasing Spanish-Colonial architecture. Built carefully, keeping the integrity of ancient cultures intact while offering modern tools and sophisticated touches like plush beds and blackout curtains.


Hilton Cusco offers over one hundred rooms designed meticulously that are spacious, cozy adorned all over with vibrant art pieces depicting rich Peruvian culture, sleek furniture well-curated ceramic floors.

Each room comes equipped with ample facilities—a high-definition television set connected to multiple streaming services (Netflix), King-sized bed comfortable enough for royalty series thread count linens adorning them, climate control unit ensuring each guest enjoys ideal temperatures year-round.


As guests at Hilton Cusco retire into their luxurious hotels suites after a long day’s exploration tour around Machu Picchu site or traditional walks through city markets nearby they can take advantage of Puma & Condor bars situated within; delivering only excellent drinks varieties served including indigenous cocktails among other international options alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktails blended at perfection chilling next-to-Ultraviolet light show lounge known worldwide for hosting famous DJs’ performance events throughout Peru!!!

The reception area leads out onto picturesque gardens brimming seasonal plants inviting any passersby for relaxation sake before breakfast buffets self-served featuring unending variety include international as well traditional dishes which one shouldn’t skip.


Situated conveniently from the city’s Hub Plaza that leads you on tours of Cusco’s various destinations, Hilton offers its guests perfect home base in exploring Peruvian culture. Among top 10 visitor sights to see around; Miraflores Barranco with beachfront property and parks/street gardens restaurants serving world-class cuisines offering multitude meal diversity ensuring visitors have no dull culinary moments!!! So be sure not only experiencing this opportunity but also many other adventures awaiting at Peru!

In a nutshell, we can conclude—Hilton Cusco is more than just another hotel- it stands as an architectural masterpiece immaculately built next-to Incan ruins displaying Spanish-Colonial architecture while keeping ancient cultures’ integrity intact providing modern sophistication combined with luxurious services unparalleled anywhere else globally resulting in everlasting memories for every guest setting foot within!

Table with useful data:

Hilton Lima Miraflores Hilton Garden Inn Cusco DoubleTree El Pardo by Hilton Lima
Location Miraflores, Lima Cusco Miraflores, Lima
Rooms 207 137 151
Restaurants 3 1 1
Meeting rooms 6 4 7
Swimming pool Yes No Yes
Fitness center Yes Yes Yes

Information from an expert

As a travel industry expert, I can confidently say that Hilton Peru is one of the best hotels in Lima. With its prime location and luxurious amenities tailored to both business and leisure travelers, it’s no surprise why this hotel enjoys great popularity among tourists. From the welcoming staff who go above and beyond, to the quality dining experiences featuring local cuisine—Hilton Peru delivers exceptional service every time. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or need stylish event space for your corporate function, Hilton Peru should be at the top of your list!

Historical fact:

Hilton Peru was originally built in 1959 as a joint venture between the Peruvian government and Hilton Hotels Corporation, making it one of the first international hotels to be established in Lima.

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