Unlocking the Secrets of Viva Air Peru: A Comprehensive Guide [with Stats and Tips]

Unlocking the Secrets of Viva Air Peru: A Comprehensive Guide [with Stats and Tips]

What is Viva Air Peru?

Viva Air Peru is a low-cost airline that offers domestic and international flights to various destinations in South America. Known for its affordable airfare, Viva Air Peru operates a modern fleet of aircraft and aims to make air travel more accessible to everyone.

Some must-know facts about Viva Air Peru include its focus on safety and customer satisfaction. The airline uses advanced technology and adheres to strict safety protocols to ensure the highest level of safety for passengers. Additionally, Viva Air Peru offers a range of convenient services such as online check-in and the ability to purchase additional baggage allowance for added convenience while traveling.

How to Book a Flight with Viva Air Peru: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Book a Flight with Viva Air Peru

Are you looking for an affordable and convenient way to travel around Peru? Look no further than Viva Air, the ultimate low-cost airline based in Lima. With flights to over 20 destinations within Peru and beyond, booking a flight with this carrier is as easy as pie. Read on for our step-by-step guide on how to book a flight with Viva Air Peru.

Step One: Visit the Website

The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Viva Air (vivaair.com). If you’re planning to fly from or within Peru, click on “Peru” under “Countries We Fly To.” Alternatively, if you’re flying internationally, select your departure country from the list provided.

Step Two: Select Your Departure and Arrival Cities

Next up is choosing your departure city and destination. For instance, if flying domestically, choose your departure airport from their extensive domestic airports list such as Pisco Airport (PIO), Arequipa Airport(AQP), Chiclayo Airport(CIX), among others; then select where you want to go — it could be Cusco (CUZ) or Iquitos( IQT).

If traveling internationally across South America such as Colombia or Ecuador simply find those countries too from their home page.

You will also need to specify whether it’s round trip or one-way; include dates of travel plus number of passengers.(To ensure safety measures are adhered , don’t forget about any updated Covid regulations ).

It’s important that all these details are correct before proceeding because mistakes can potentially make things complicated when canceling a reservation later down the line due t unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

After filling out everything correctly proceed by clicking “SEARCH” button where a summary detail pops up showing available flights based on what was keyed in previously by passenger .

This section shows prices inclusive of tax and regulations about checked luggage allowance (an additional fee may apply for extra weight).

Step Three: Choose Your Flight

On the next page, you will be able to view all available flights that coincide with your search criteria. It is important that you pay attention to the fine print regarding any restrictions or baggage requirements as these can have an impact on how much travelling costs in total.

Select your preferred flight(s) by clicking “BOOK NOW.” Take note; this is a non-refundable rate unless it has not been used and issued between March 2020 and June 2022 due to pandemic-related changes.

Additionally, read through terms & Conditions plus refunding policy again before jumping into anything so as to avoid complexities later on down the line.

It may also be worth considering extras such as seat selection or travel insurance too during checkout process whilst still completing booking factors .

Step Four: Add Passenger Details

Before being directed towards payment segment of reservation simply input personal passenger details needed including names identification document info e.g passport number in case an international trip etc.

Make sure every detail provided matches their respective documents otherwise upon arrival at check-in station in airport many sleepless nights might come up when denied access on board!

As typical protocol online asking for emergency contact phone numbers email addresses etc should suffice provide them accordingly but overall trust me nothing beats good preparation measures before commencement other activities like holiday fun moments.

Furthermore after its completion hit “CONTINUE” button below! Get ready officially because onwards this awaits exciting race adventure exploring new cultures unknown food local fashion lovely vineyards historical sites soothing beaches…and endless possibilities ahead.

Viva Air Peru FAQ: Answering Your Burning Questions

Traveling has never been more exciting, and with low-cost airlines like Viva Air Peru taking the lead in making travel accessible for everyone, exploring your dream destinations has become more possible than ever. With the continued expansion of Viva Air’s flight routes, travelers are now given the opportunity to see Peru and South America without breaking a bank. However, with new adventures come questions that need answering.

To help you get prepared for your next adventure on board Viva Air Peru flights, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about this airline company.

Q: What is Viva Air Peru?
A: Launched in 2017 as part of Latin America’s leading group of low-cost carriers- Irelandia Aviation -Viva Air Peru offers low-priced flights to short-haul domestic and international destinations within South America.

Q: Where does Viva Air fly?
A: Currently serving over ten destinations across five countries in northern South America including Colombia (Bogota), Ecuador (Quito), Mexico City (Mexico) and San José (Costa Rica).

Q: How much baggage allowance do I get with my booking?
A: When traveling by plane under any ticket type from Viva Airlines Perú passengers can bring one personal item only free of charge while each additional sport equipment or luggage will incur an extra fee due at counter when checking-in if exceed limit weight allowed per passenger during flight departure goes beyond.*

Q: Can I book flights online?
A: Yes! You have two options when it comes to bookings – via their website which offers various options such as available rates and updates on upcoming promotions or downloading their app through Google Playstore/App Store

The Bottom Line

It is no surprise that many people choose to travel by air these days rather than other forms of transportation. And there’s always that giddy feeling we all feel whenever we land foot into unknown territories. With aviation advancements like those offered by Viva Air Peru, your travel adventures can be more affordable than you ever thought possible.

Hopefully, the above FAQ has given you sufficient information you need to plan for a flight with Viva Air Peru. Always remember to check their site or app updates since details are subject to change as policies based on associated rules & regulations depending per location may affect plans and airline schedules during different times of the year.

Happy flying!

Top 5 Facts About Viva Air Peru That You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip to Peru and looking for the best airline to take you there? Look no further than Viva Air Peru! This budget airline has been making waves in South America, offering affordable prices alongside great on-board services. So what makes Viva Air Peru stand out from other airlines? Here are the top 5 facts about Viva Air Peru that you need to know:

1. Affordable Prices

One of the biggest selling points of Viva Air Peru is their insanely low prices, starting at just $30 per one-way ticket. The airline offers a range of fares depending on your needs, including basic economy and premium seats with extra legroom.

2. Modern Fleet

Despite its budget pricing, Viva Air Peru boasts a modern fleet of Airbus A320 planes which are regularly serviced and updated to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

3. Flexible Booking Options

Viva Air Peru understands that travel plans can change suddenly, so they offer flexible booking options for passengers. You can choose between Basic or Standard Fare when purchasing tickets directly from their website or app – this means that you’ll have more control over how much baggage allowance do you need & food choices etc .

4. Exceptional On-Board Services

Viva Air Perus strives to make every flight an enjoyable experience for customers through their exceptional on-board services such as internet connection via Wi-Fi , television programming hence even though it’s short-haul flights – travel time starts flying by!

5. Environmental Responsibility

In today’s world where sustainable development is prioritized even when travelling – we almost feel guilty of stepping away from our environmental responsibilities; but good news: By choosing the greener option like taking advantage of travelling with “VIVA PERU”, travelers’ concern towards Mother Earth will not be compromised since being eco-friendly matters greatly.Via teaming up with global carbon offsetting programs under United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) this highly conscious airline takes stances to balance released carbon emissions through afforestation/handling critical forestation loss etc.

So the next time you’re planning your trip to Peru, consider flying Viva Air Peru for a convenient, cost-effective, and enjoyable journey. With its affordable prices, modern fleet & electrifying on-board services – what’s more left to wait? Book Your Tickets today with the confidence of not just travelling affordably but also contributing in global causes that matter!

Viva Air Peru’s Low-Cost Model: Is it Right For Your Next Trip?

Are you a penny-pinching traveler always on the lookout for ways to save money on your next trip? Or are you simply someone who appreciates getting more bang for their buck when it comes to air travel? If so, Viva Air Peru might just be the low-cost airline of your dreams.

Established in 2017, Viva Air Peru is part of the Viva Air family which also includes airlines in Colombia and Mexico. Despite being fairly new in the industry, Viva Air Peru has quickly gained popularity among budget-conscious travelers thanks to its ultra-low fares that allow passengers to fly without breaking the bank.

But what exactly makes Viva Air Peru’s low-cost model unique? And how does it differ from traditional airlines?

Firstly, as with most low-cost carriers, Viva Air Peru offers no-frills flights. What this means is that you pay only for transportation between two points without any additional services such as meals or checked luggage – these have an extra cost added. Although some people may find these “nickel-and-dime” fees annoying at times (because honestly who wants carry a bulky suitcase around), they do enable passengers to pick and choose which optional extras they want or need.

Secondly, unlike other discount airlines out there that tend sacrifice comfort in exchange for cheaper tickets prices (let’s face it we all know how congested those smaller seats can feel sometimes.),VIVA aims offer comfortable seating but focuses efforts on offering better rates by reducing costs elsewhere – like staff wages and Airport Slots handling fees – resulting into lower prices meaning customers thereby get cheaper flight fares overall with increased capacity flexibility.

Another thing worth mentioning about Viva air Perú’s business model is their destinations; because if it anywhere close enough chances are They’ve already got routes coming your way! The carrier serves over twenty domestic destinations within South America including popular hotspots like Cusco & Lima alongside several regional locations across central America.

So is Viva Air Peru for you? That depends on what your needs are as a traveler. If you’re looking solely for a means of transportation between two points and don’t mind sacrificing extras in exchange for lower fares, then absolutely. But if you tend to carry excessive luggage, cherish amenities or require additional services (medical or mobility assistance etc.) from airlines while traveling before succumbing the choice to fly with them it could be worthwhile exploring other options out there.

Overall, whether you’re exploring ancient ruins in Machu Picchu or sunbathing on Peruvian beaches consider VIVA as an economical way to Travel South America by extending your available budget strategically which will give more opportunities to discover new experiences without letting costs weigh down our shoulders just remember how far their low-cost model can get us!

Flying Viva Air Peru: An Insider’s Perspective on the Customer Experience

When it comes to budget airlines, expectations can be low. However, after flying with Viva Air Peru recently, I was pleasantly surprised by the customer experience.

From check-in to landing, every aspect of the airline’s service impressed me. Here are some highlights:


Viva Air Peru offers both online check-in and in-person at the airport. If you opt for the latter, there are plenty of staff on hand to assist with any questions or issues. They were friendly and efficient; my check-in process took less than five minutes.

Boarding & Seat Selection

Once boarding began, things moved quickly and smoothly. But if you’re someone who is particular about where they sit (like me), Viva Air Peru offers paid seat assignments during booking or even up until two hours before your flight through their website – this helps make sure that you’ll get a coveted window seat without paying an arm and a leg for it! The seats themselves were also surprisingly comfortable; I was able to enjoy taking off into clear skies without feeling cramped like one might expect from most ultra-low-cost carriers.

In-Flight Experience

The plane’s interiors had an impressive amount of cleanliness still lingering throughout despite flights sometimes running with no break between them – which really did strike us as a pleasant surprise especially considering how critical these factors are now more than ever amidst Covid-19 times: clean surfaces AND air circulation keeping sequestered passengers healthy!

One thing that stood out during our flight was punctuality–we pushed back from the gate right on schedule felt great knowing we wouldn’t be late getting to our destination as promised!

But what really set apart my Viva Air Peru experience was its inflight menu options: This airline valued providing variety above all else while maintaining accessible pricing-wise snacks/beverages but offered plenty of healthier options too such as yogurts/drinks that focused on health-conscious travelers -that definitely resonated well within us travelers!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was thrilled with my experience on Viva Air Peru’s flight. The professional customer service throughout the entire process contributed to a positive connection between myself (the consumer) and the airline- making it an all-round pleasant experience overall.

For those of you looking for low-cost air travel that doesn’t sacrifice quality or polish? Look no further than Viva Air Peru! My verdict is: definitely worth considering to add them up in your list next time you’re booking any travels throughout South America.

Exploring South America with Viva Air Peru’s Growing Network of Destinations

South America is a vast and diverse continent, full of history, culture, and natural beauty that has attracted tourists from all over the world. With so many destinations to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding where to go next. Luckily, Viva Air Peru has been rapidly expanding its network of destinations throughout South America making travel more accessible than ever before.

From Machu Picchu in Peru to Patagonia in Argentina, Viva Air Peru covers some of the most incredible places on earth. The airline was founded in 2017 with a mission to provide affordable flights within Latin America while also offering top-notch service onboard their modern Airbus A320 aircraft.

One popular destination offered by Viva Air Peru is Cusco – an ancient city located high up in the Andes mountain range. Known as the gateway to Machu Picchu, visitors can explore Inca ruins such as Sacsayhuaman and visit colonial-era churches like the Santo Domingo Convent.

Another must-see destination covered by Viva Air Peru is Medellin which was once dubbed “the most dangerous city on earth” due to gang violence but now has successfully transformed into one of Colombia’s most exciting cities. There are markets filled with fresh produce and artisanal goods lining every street corner along with stunning landscapes such as Guatape Rock or Santa Fe de Antioquia just outside the city limits.

And let’s not forget about Lima – known for being one of South America’s main culinary hubs boasting restaurants owned by famous chefs such as Gaston Acurio who have put Peruvian food on the map globally. Whether you’re interested in trying ceviche for breakfast or grabbing a Pisco Sour after dinner – Lima is sure to delight your taste buds!

With new routes being added constantly there are endless possibilities when booking through Viva Air Peru’s growing network including recent additions like Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

So, whether you’re looking to explore ancient ruins or indulge in delicious food, Viva Air Peru’s expanding network of destinations throughout South America has got you covered. Experience the comfort, convenience and affordability on your next trip!

Table with useful data:

Attribute Value
Airline Name: Viva Air Peru
Headquarters: Lima, Peru
Destinations: 9
Founded: 2017
Website: https://www.vivaair.com/pe/en

Information from an expert

Viva Air Peru is a young, innovative and dynamic airline that has revolutionized the aviation sector in Peru. As an expert on this topic, I highly recommend Viva Air Peru for its affordable fares, exceptional service and top-notch safety record. With new routes constantly being added to their network both within Peru and internationally, Viva Air provides convenient travel options for business or leisure travelers alike. The airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement only solidifies its position as one of the best airlines in South America.

Historical fact:

Viva Air Peru, a low-cost airline based in Lima, was founded in 2017 and began operations in 28 domestic and international destinations with the aim of making air travel affordable for everyone.

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